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Discover Michelangelo’s Statue of David

Discover the imposing 17-foot tall marble statue towering over the neverending stream of curious visitors: Michelangelo’s famous David. It took more than two years to finish this otherworldly tribute to this biblical hero.

Upon close observation, he exposes his watchful eyes and chillingly realistic protruding veins on his hands. The statue of David is disproportionate on purpose, with an enlarged right hand and head… Why? You can find out this and more on our Accademia Gallery tour conducted by professional licensed guides.

In addition to exploring the highlights of the gallery, you get to skip the line that barricades the entry to the museum on a daily basis.

Accademia Gallery

The Accademia Gallery is often called the “statue of David museum.” No surprise there! The statue of David is the cherry on top of the museum’s art collection. However, Michelangelo’s David is just the tip of the iceberg.

The gallery also houses a vast collection of Michelangelo’s other masterpieces, such as the four unfinished Prisoners. In addition to all that, the halls of the gallery are full of Florentine paintings by the talented Botticelli, Uccello, or del Sarto from the 15th and 16th centuries.

A fairly recent addition to the collection is the exhibition of ancient musical instruments including creations of Stradivari and Cristofori (inventor of the piano).

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  • Like the majority of buildings in Florence, Accademia Gallery has long and eventful past.

    The man behind the foundation of this marvelous museum is Pietro Leopoldo, Grand Duke of Tuscany, who built it in 1784. Formerly, the building was meant to serve as a teaching facility for students of the Academy of Fine Arts. What was once a hospital and convent became a place to inspire and teach aspiring masters. Gradually, statues, paintings, and other works of art from around Italy covered the vast walls of the gallery.

    Just a decade after being opened to the public, the directors of the gallery enriched the art collections to display more paintings, tapestries, and sculptures. Next, in the 1950s, the gallery inaugurated the Byzantine-style rooms and the Hall of Colossus, displaying over 1,300 panel paintings. In 2001, the Accademia launched Museo degli Strumenti Musicali, featuring hundreds of ancient musical instruments.

    Accademia museum is a place of artistic splendor as well as curious secrets. This tour helps you get the most out of your visit in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere!

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  • With our Accademia Gallery Tour, you receive much more than just fast-track access to the artistic gems that await inside. The tour allows you to discover and understand the motives and circumstances that led to their creation. You could find out these details with an audio guide or a guidebook, but a live guide is much more fun.

    Our expert guide highlights the most interesting information while answering all your doubts and questions. Above all, with us, you can feel relaxed and safe. We guarantee hassle-free entrance and give you the option to easily cancel in case your holiday plans take you down a different path. When the tour is over, you are free to stay inside and explore on your own.

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