Climb Florence’s Duomo: Cathedral Complex & Guided Audio Tour

Quick Details

Explore the Duomo, Baptistery, Museo dell’Opera, and Giotto’s Bell Tower

Climb Florence’s famous Duomo without delay in the company of an expert guide. Learn about the construction of the cupola, the history of the whole complex and, after the tour, enjoy exploring the cathedral, crypt, Baptistery, Museo dell’Opera, and Giotto’s Bell Tower at your own pace. In addition, get access to an interactive digital map with a walking audio tour of Florence and handy traveler tips.

The journey to the top of Brunelleschi’s cupola begins with 463 steps. Follow the narrow staircase all the way to the top. Space on the way up and down is limited, so the climb requires a reservation. When you book this tour, we take care of your reservation to climb the Duomo along with priority access that lets you jump the lengthy queue.

Stunning views of Florence from the top of the Duomo

Your guide pauses at different stages as you make your way up to the top. They share the history of the construction of the complex and stories of the sculptures and artworks hidden within. Your guided tour culminates on the top of the Duomo with stunning views of Florence.

Once your tour up the Duomo concludes, you’re welcome to take as much time as you like, with your newly acquired knowledge, to explore the rest of the complex. If there is too much to dive into all in one day, you’re able to stretch your visit across two days. Once you’ve validated your ticket, you’re free to use it over a 48-hour period.

  • Chevron down The Smart Sightseeing Choice
  • Included in the price of the tour is also a self-guided city sightseeing tour, which helps you feel at home in a foreign city! Packaged in the easy-to-use and comprehensive POP Guide application, arrive at all your bucket list destinations with ease. Let the app suggest the best sightseeing routes and share informational audio about the points of interest along the way, including the most popular bus, train, tram, and walking routes.

    Listen and learn from local experts, hear fascinating stores, find hidden curiosities, and gain cultural insights. You can even register your points of interest with personal pins; let the app guide you to your favorite spots or help you navigate the way back to your hotel!

    This option is great for the independent-minded traveler looking to incorporate a little exploration into your day before arriving at the Climb Florence’s Duomo experience.

    Downloading the app takes no time, it’s free to install, and it’s easily enabled with the provided QR code, which activates the city sightseeing audio tour. To function, the app requires no WiFi or mobile data connection once installed; it works on a GPS system.

    Move around at your leisure as you listen and learn at the same time. Discover each destination at your own pace with this smart sightseeing choice. The high-quality audio kicks in whenever you’re near main sites so you don’t miss a thing.

  • Chevron down What Is Included?
    • Self-guided city sightseeing tour app access
    • Skip-the-line access to the dome, cathedral, and Giotto’s Bell Tower
    • All entry tickets and reservation fees for the listed locations
    • Multilingual and expert guide
    • Wireless headset to hear your guide throughout the tour
    • Reservation to climb the Duomo
    • Travel insurance and other emergencies
    • Crypt
    • Baptistery
    • Cathedral
  • Chevron down The POP Audio Guide
  • POP Audio Guide is a smartphone application providing audio guides to the most visited attractions. In order to use it during your visit, you need to bring along your smartphone and download the app from the AppStore or Google Play.

    Once downloaded, you activate the relevant audio track by scanning a special QR code provided to you at the meeting point. Please ensure your phone battery is sufficiently charged.

  • Chevron down Please Note
    • There is a dress code to enter the cathedral complex. Knees and shoulders should be covered at all times.
    • The tickets are valid for 48 hours and include entrance to the cathedral, crypt, the Baptistery, Giotto’s Bell Tower, and even Museo dell’Opera, so you can finish exploring later or the next day.
    • Not wheelchair accessible
    • Please note, you have to use your smartphone to access the POP Guide app.
  • Chevron down Meeting Point
  • Dome Entrance (Cupola) side of the ARNOLD COFFEE. (Downstairs)
    43.773523, 11.256729