Florence: Platinum Pass

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Discover the statue of David and the Views of the City from the Top of Brunelleschi’s Duomo

Stand in awe under the piece of marble come to life that is the statue of David. Catch your breath enjoying the views of the city from the top of Brunelleschi’s Duomo. Dive into the history of Italian art in the halls of the Uffizi Gallery. Visit the final resting place of great writers, philosophers, and scientists at Basilica di Santa Croce.

Experience all this and more with your Platinum Pass. Enjoy fast-track entry and professionally guided tours of the best attractions Florence has to offer without hassle.

In creating our Platinum pass, we reached deep into Florence’s treasure trove and brought out the best of the city. Forget about queues and last-minute ticket hunts; this pass takes all the must-see experiences and lays them at your feet. With the Platinum Pass, you get to enjoy the company of a live guide as you tour the best of Florence.

Learn the secrets carved into the marble statue of David standing in the ancient Accademia Gallery, once an art school. Take in stunning views of the city as you climb the infamous Duomo. With your Platinum Pass, you can also visit the final resting place of great writers, philosophers, and scientists at Basilica di Santa Croce.

Benefit from CityPass, a mindblowing interactive map stuffed with information about Florence, its neighborhoods, streets, sights, and curiosities. It’s perfect for finding suggestions for the most convenient sightseeing routes or the best ways to get around. A three-day transport ticket is also included with your pass.

  • Chevron down What Is Included?
    • Fast-track Accademia Gallery entry with live guided tour
    • Fast-track Uffizi Gallery entry with live guided tour
    • Cathedral complex tickets and reservation to climb the Duomo with live guided tour
    • Fast-track Basilica di Santa Croce entry with live guided tour
    • Three-day transport ticket valid for three calendar days from initial validation
    • Free download of CityPass app, an interactive map with sightseeing and transport route suggestions as well as special offers and discounts that pop up as you walk through the city
    • Available languages for the live tours: English, Spanish, French, and Italian (you can choose the language of the live tour when you visit the tour operator’s office to pick up the pass)
  • Chevron down Please Note
    • Upon your arrival in Florence, visit our office at the time you selected when booking the pass, select your itinerary, and explore the city at your own pace!
    • Confirmation is received at the time of booking