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The Sagrada Familia And Park Güell

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The Sagrada Familia

To Gaudí, color was the expression of life and and element you could not miss in a place of worship. Moreover, every stone, rock, statue, ornament, column, curve has symbolic meaning that connects nature with the divine. Unlike dark gothic churches and cathedrals that may come across as animated, La Sagrada Familia is full of colorful light that enters through the stained-glass windows and playfully bounces off the white tiles and stones.

The Park Güell

This rather funky park is, along Sagrada Familia, the most iconic work of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. Originally, the project meant to create a community of sixty houses as part of an accessible urban housing project. Due to lack of interest at the time, Gaudi wasn’t able to complete it. One of its most creative aspects is the original Park Güell that watches the city from one of its hilltops.